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Our state of mind affects the decisions that we make and could change the outcome of a situation; our intentions govern our thoughts; our thoughts govern our actions.

Alleviated Media’s mission is to promote causes and ideas that advocate co-existence and consciousness. We believe that society could resolve most of its problems with the right intentions.

As filmmakers and artists, we want our audience to emotionally immerse themselves in our film and art projects. Instead of confining our artistic approach by trends and popular opinion, we like our creative expression to speak to the viewers in a more personal way.

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Because we believe that teamwork yields the best results, we focus a lot of our energy on creating opportunities for collaboration between creators, communities and organizations.


You’d like to change the world, but you don’t know what to do?

Some of our community projects require additional funding and manpower. You can donate your time, experience, skill, or money to make these projects happen.

You can also be a guest author, discuss ideas on our blog, or start conversations on social media.

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We’re always looking for filmmakers, writers, and artists to work with on personal and commissioned projects.

If you share our values and have a passion for your craft, we want to hear from you. Get in touch with us and let’s make art!

Check out our blog to get to know us and our production process.

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Like what we do and want to put your organization’s name on it? Find out what sponsorship opportunities we’re offering.

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TV commercials, explainer videos, films, and documentaries – we produce our content from script to screen. Book a free no-obligations consultation session to discuss the details of your production and how we could help.

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